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Easy To Follow Instructions

1. Print or email this card.

2. Bring the card and your prescription to any participating pharmacy.

3. Present the card to the pharmacist.

There are no fees or obligations to use this card. This card will help you save on many medications at many U.S. pharmacies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my pharmacy is not familiar with this card?

If your pharmacist is unable to process your card for any reason, please have them call 1-877-684-0032 (24 hours).

Can I use this card along with my health insurance?

No, you can use either your Savings Card or your insurance. This card's price may be lower than your health insurance co-pay. It cannot be used to lower your co-pay, however. Ask your pharmacist for help in receiving the best possible price.

What should I do if the pharmacist runs my Savings Card and the price is different from what I see here?

While we do our best to be as accurate as possible, prescription prices are constantly changing. Please make sure to report any and all issues to info@medvana.com. The final price is determined at your local pharmacy. Please ask your pharmacist regarding the lowest possible price.

For The Pharmacist

Thank you for taking the time to help this customer save on their prescription drugs at your pharmacy. If you've never heard of Medvana.com, we are a website dedicated to providing consumers with pricing information as well as tips and cards to help consumers save money at many licensed U.S. pharmacies. Our Savings Card is administered by EnvisionRxOptions.

If you have any questions about how to apply the information above for the customer's discount, please call 1-877-684-0032 (24 hours). Additionally, please check to see whether the customer has health insurance and their co-pay ends up being cheaper than this card. At Medvana, our goal is to find the absolute best price for the customer, even if it means not using our card!

This FREE card may be used at many U.S. pharmacies for many medications.

This is not insurance - void where prohibited by law.

Be sure to check www.medvana.com/medvana for the latest prices at nearby pharmacies!

We'd love to hear from you! Email feedback to info@medvana.com.

Show This Card to the Pharmacist

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Medvana Savings Card

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All family members are eligible. This card is valid at any participating pharmacy nationwide. Administered by EnvisionRxOptions. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

Pharmacy Process Claims to Envision RX Options

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